Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cards for Troops

Last month, my Thursday AM stamping club ladies all brought 5 or more Cards for Troops. Julie had read about it in a magazine, and suggested the idea. We all thought it was a great opportunity to show our graditude.

Since it is the day before 4th of July, I thought I would share a few of the cards they all made!

Here is one of Jo's cards...I love the Mulberry paper!

Here's one of Julie's cards....I think it's neat the back of the card is longer than the front.

Here's one of Su's can't tell from the picture, but the Cats are pearlized and covered in Crystal Effects, very pretty!

*UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that Carolyn actually made the card above. It was Su's stamp that Carolyn borrowed...oops! My mistake. So, here is a card Su did's a summery "lemon" popsicle!

Here's one of Carolyn's cards...I just love the pun!

I will continue to accept Cards for Troops for the next few if anyone is interested in donating their own cards, let me know.

Troop Smiley 1

Take a moment today to think of those who are fighting for us...

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Carolyn said...

It was fun making the cards for the troops!! Some we wrote notes to them enside and some we left blank so they can send them to their love ones at home. To think we can show we care about the women and men there and have fun doing it!! Thanks for sharing the artictle Julie and thanks Emily for following through for us!!!!!